It might not surprise you when I say this but just like vanity I always tend to stick with the same few mounts. The first mount is Horny the Unicorn that you get from the Conjurer quest line and one I loved and use during most of A Realm Reborn (I also do believe they should turn this into a battle companion as they already have the animation in The Diadem). Naturally, during Diadem, I went out of my way to farm for Pegasus as it became my go-to flying mount that I used from the day I got it to right now. 

With this in mind when mentor roulette came out and when Yoshida showed of the Astrope mount I knew I had to get it and while I have yet to get it (I do have 500 roulettes done) I thought I would discuss my experience so far with mentor roulettes.

So the idea behind mentor roulette is pretty simple – you are there to help new players (and sometimes other players) to clear content they have not yet done and to also help queues for content people may not otherwise to do while also providing help to clear said content.

From experience, most mentor roulettes I have had is simply guildhests where you can zone out and complete it without having to even think. Then you get your typical dungeons (I find this happens mostly when playing as a healer) or the odd raid but now and then you get extreme Primals and I got to say these never go well.

The reason I say this about extreme Primals that if you explain the fight you will get moaned at and have happened quite a bit during my runs. You will also find other mentors will either leave right away or moan about the duty and try to get kicked or disband.

Now you may wonder what I think about mentor roulette but honestly, I don’t see a point for it to exist. It may be better to just make a raid roulette for the normal mode of the raids and then make an Extreme Roulette for the Primals. 

Well nonetheless I am now 500 roulettes closer to getting the Astrope mount and only 1,500 left to go but my advice for people that want to farm for this mount is to only do it if you actually want to help people otherwise its a very painful grind when even more so there are many two-man mounts out there.


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