Tis the time of the year where we remember the brave Ishgardian’s knights that risk themselves to shelter poor little orphans after some great war (or battle – I do not remember which) which in return those children when they grew up gave gifts to future orphans and thus the holiday was born.

However this year in Gridania the decorations that were done by the local children have been stolen and this is the core of the event. So this year the event is quite simple which involves you finding out who has stolen the decorations while cheering up the children that made it possible in the first place.

I can't tell you if its worth farming.

I can’t tell you if its worth farming.

And this is done via … yep, you guessed it a FATE. The FATE itself is pretty simple but I am not going into what you got to do for those that have yet to do the story behind but it’s an enjoyable thirty minutes that you can enjoy. And just like events in the past, you are able to farm the FATEs to get more items which I have included a screenshot below of what you can get but if you are after the mount then do not worry as you will get it by just doing the quest. 

If you are wondering about what mount you will get I would honestly be very surprised if you did not know it was a bear mount but it does look pretty cute but I do not think its a mount for after the Christmas period but I suppose that is what the warbear is for!

It is quite likely this will be the last post on Life in Eorzea for this year so I hope you are having an enjoyable Hanukkah, have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. 

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