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For many years way back in the early Dune days I have been a massive fan of Real-Time Strategies games such as Command and Conquer and would spend hours upon hours playing them online or against my brother. Over time RTS games slowly disappeared and started to be replaced with Action Real-Time Strategies (or Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) depending on what name you prefer) which while not as enjoyable as RTSes I still do enjoy playing at times.

This is where Rival Wings enters. Rival Wings is an ARTS battle mode that operates as you expect – you have to destroy a few targets to then kill a big target while using units in between to help you do this. If you want to skip the rest of the review and see what I have to say then it’s this – I am enjoying Rival Wings at this time and it’s likely worth keeping my subscription going at this time depending on the player base and how healthy the mode is.

When you queue up either by yourself or others you will be dropped randomly into either team – Falcons or Ravens which are both Blue and then Red. In each group, you will find you have six teams with four in each for a total of twenty-four people on each team. 

The idea behind the thing is the same as any other ARTS out there. Both teams will have two towers which can be found just North and South from your starting positions. You also have a core which is where you start the duty from. The idea is to blow up both towers and then the core. Should you do this within the time frame you win but should it not happen in the time frame whoever’s core has the lowest amount of HP (or lower amount of HP for towers depending if both groups don’t get far) wins.

Within the centre you also have a power generator which I have found whichever parties hold onto that for most of the fight tends to win by default but there are also generators being dropped under that area as well. Every time you pick one up or from the generator you get a bit of ceruleum which can be used to get those giant mechs and to keep them powered up every time you use an action. This is why it’s VERY IMPORTANT to keep getting as many as you can and not just forget about them once you can bring mechs onto the field. There is also a stacking buff where every time your team kills another player you get a stack that boosts your stats but when you die it gets halved.

The mechs themselves come in three different flavours which are Cruise Chaser, Oppressor and Brute Justice

Cruise Chaser

Forward and Back ... ARGH
Forward and Back … ARGH

The first one out of the list above is Cruise Chaser and this one is your anti players and mech unit. You use Cruise Chasers to help fight off any other mechs that come your way and also other players. You got your classic moves from A11S back such as Spin Crusher, Laser X Sword and Optical Sight.

However, these are not that good against towers – keep these for keeping your oppressors safe from harm.


BANG ... oh that did jack shit.
BANG … oh that did jack shit.

The oppressor from A1S make a return and just like how annoying they were in A1S they are the slowest thing you can imagine. The oppressor sucks when it comes to attacking any player and barely does any damage at all. Where it shines however is when you use these against towers – they have massive DPS against them and very long-range attacks.

Do not use these on the front lines and keep them safe.

Brute Justice

... Ya I couldn't get in one for a screenshot.
… Ya I couldn’t get in one for a screenshot.

And the last mech you can use makes a return from A8S – Brute Justice although this one does not come apart like the other model. Unlike the other two above, Brute Justice is good against everything – players, towers and core but not against mechs as much. Unlike the others, you are only to get one of these when a tower falls which means you can only ever get two during a whole match. 

Keep these safe – they make such a massive change in outcome.


Surprisingly hard to kill.
Surprisingly hard to kill.

The only other thing I am going to speak about quickly is mammets. These are NPCs you can not build but they will go and automatically attack towers and other mammets and you can either kill them yourself or even heal them – the choice is yours.

But they do a lot of damage if they can make it to the towers.

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