The second trial of Shadowbringers brings us against another Lightwarden but this time it is hinted that the Warrior of Light is screwed. Before I discuss the two fights themselves I am going to talk about what is common about both of them. The music I do not really recall much about it but the background itself is not bad and carries on the flow of the dungeon that came before.

The Crown of the Immaculate

The fight itself honestly is quite lackbustering and never carried that much weight for what should have felt like an epic fight but there were some interesting things in the fight.

The fight itself is pretty simple and you can complete it by mostly just watching what is going on and maybe after a wipe or two it is pretty simple to understand.

Not a great fight to me.

The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme)

The extreme version of this fight was told by many people I asked that it was insanely hard but when I jumped into party finder with a bunch that didn’t know anything about … we killed it in two or three pulls.

Unlike the extreme fight before it, this one is a good example of a bad design tier of fights. It is very little in this fight that appears in both the story and the extreme and feels a bit out of place as the extreme version feels much more epic and enjoyable.

However, while I have just said the word enjoyable I did find the fight a bit boring after the clear and hated farming it.

It is a shame the fight was simple to me but alas not a lot I can do about that. It is a shame the fight itself is already being nerfed by higher ilv already out but that is a story for another time.

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