Over the next few days, I will start posting my articles about Shadowbringer such as its trials, dungeons and much more I figured I would write about White Mage first as that is what I main.

First thing I will say is I do not mind the one DoT for all the healers after having played them and I do enjoy the fact we are healing more for now (we will see what it is like once we are decked out in raid gear).


Unlike the other two healers, White Mages hasn’t changed that much beyond the lily system now changing. Rather than changing a lily every time you used a single target GCD, it is now gained over time which allows you to use it for a free GCD heal that is either an AoE or a single target which after three you are then able to use Afflatus Misery which is a 900 potency skill.

As you can see from this it sadly isn’t “that” rewarding using Afflatus Misery as most of the time you feel you are forced to use a lily simply so you can use Afflatus Misery. This is not the case in dungeons but in both trials so far it often feels forced.

There is a simple solution to this however which is this – let us dump our Lilies by using an OGCD skill which would let us grow the blood lily and although I know many White Mages would disagree with me on this I would be happy letting Divine Bension go back to needing a lily as long as it has a few seconds cooldown (so you could use three Divine Bension back to back). I did speak about Divine Bension originally here: A Divine Change.

This would benefit in not making it feel forced to use our GCD heals in the first place to get a skill that is weaker than the three GCDS. I understand the idea they were going for to allow us to keep our DPS up but if we don’t need to heal for 90 seconds it feels wasted and sometimes that happens.

While I did originally miss Aero III I found I don’t really care that much with it gone. While it was nice to keep both DoTs up in fights it was still a case of just pressing the button every 20 seconds or so and just gets replaced with another Glare. Two DPS buttons are alright as long as we either get stuff to do during downtime (such as play with Lilies), or we heal more as it seems so far.

Ebers Gearset & White Mage Story

I love this gearset – period. I think I will keep using the Ebers as my go-to White Mage vanity over the Healer Robe. The White Mage job quest, however, sucked massively.


I think White Mages is in a safe place for now but we do need something to “burn” lilies on that doesn’t use our GCD and while we do not have party buffs we will get pushed out away from parties in time – more so as it is very likely our DPS will get nerfed in the patches to come.

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