The first trial fight in Shadowbringer is the second-best pixie king and I have to say the fight is quite interesting for both of them. The first thing I will comment before I spilt into the two versions of the fight is I am not a fan of the music but I can see why they included it and secondly the overall design is lovely.

The Dancing Plague

The story mode for this fight is mostly the same as every other story fight and is quite simple to understand.

This fight has your classic stack markers, your classic in and out stuff but it also includes having to use certain elements against each other in order to be able to survive certain attacks.

The fight was enjoyable and I heard a lot of people had problems with this fight in Duty Finder but Ryu and I did it quite fast.

The Dancing Plague (Extreme)

I found the extreme version of this trial to be a good example of how different tier fights should be designed. This fight developed upon the many different things that happened in normal mode but forced you to remember the “tell-tell” signs on what is what, do these things together but while tossing in some new things that were not seen in the story version of the fight.

I very much enjoyed this fight and although I took me for ages to even see the King’s Cane, I would happy farm it for the mount in future. It is a shame however that the increase ilv already makes this fight a joke now but that is a story for later.

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