Not sure why it has taken so long to write about the dungeons but here we go!

The Twinning is a dungeon that is corrected to the main story, the Omega raid and the Alexender raid and the method of how the plan from the future was able to happen.

The overall environment for the dungeon I found the most enjoyable as we got to experience deeper into Syrcus Tower and the Crystal Tower series is the most enjoyable Alliance Raid tier so far in my opinion.

The music of the dungeon is enjoyable and is a lovely remix from the raid tiers merged pretty well together. Overall I found this dungeon amazing in terms of the boss design and the lore behind it.

Alpha Zaghan

The first boss is one of awareness where you have to be careful where you are standing in order to avoid the environment which should you fail to do will spawn new mobs into the arena and slow down the run.

The boss itself is simple you do have your basic AOEs, stack marker, and a tank buster and beyond that, there is nothing much to worry about.


Ah, now we get onto the second boss – Mithridate. Mithridate is a boss that appears in Final Fantasy XIII and oddly enough appears in the exact same model near a part in Syrcus Tower that seems to be “in-between time” so what exactly the boss is we do not know.

This boss is slightly different from the first but you have your standard tank buster, AOE and included in this is the arena being split with the tank and healer getting an AOE while having to dodge the floor. Stacking together would kill at low gear but four safe zones so simple really anyhow.

This is a weird boss simply by being here. The first is clearly an experiment while this one seems to have come here from somewhere.

The Tycoon

This is the ultimate outcome of the plan to save the future that Hope … I mean Biggs created. This machine is a mixture of what was learned from Alexender (guessing all those parts and books had a use) and Omega (again, guess they had a use) to create a time-travelling machine.

Boss is stupidly easy, however. Standard tank buster, don’t stand in the bad and so on.


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