Out of the three dungeons released in Shadowbringers for expert roulette, this was the one I was very disappointed in. The story behind this dungeon is this area is under attack by the creatures within and we have to stop them.

The environment itself is not that great but it does fit in with the garden feel of Final Fantasy VIII which is what I think they were going for but as a research laboratory it doesn’t fit that well.

The music of the dungeon as well is meh at best. It may just be myself but a lot of the music feels forced but nonetheless it ain’t bad to listen to.

Cladoselache & Dolidous

The first boss you mean in ichthyology are two “fish” which seems to be a mixture of the weird dolphin from Breath of Fire III and something else but the fight is kinda interesting if not simple.

The fight itself involves two different bosses which will switch between the battle. Each of the two bosses will do a close attack or a V like attack and when they switch they will still do it in the water so you got to keep an eye around.

Beyond that just dodge the bad stuff on the floor.

Marquis Morbol

By now at this point in Final Fantasy XIV, you would have fought many different Morbols and this one is not really any different. Don’t stand in front of it, dodge the Morbol when it smashes and beyond that mostly a snooze fest.

Mostly just dodge the stuff you have to physically want out for.


This boss involves a bit of awareness with the orbs as every orb you pick up will buff yourself while every orb you forget to pick up will buff Quetzalcoatl.

Overall the boss is pretty simple and just has a standard tank buster and AOE attack but you do need to watch out for the orbs and to pick them up as soon as you can.

This fight is an example of the forced music I said about the start.


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