Lakshmi Intolerant

In Stormblood the second Primal that we needed to kill for reasons I am not going to explain here but Lakshmi is a pretty fun fight admit insanely easy. Its worth saying that although I believed the fight was very easy for extreme I did find it fun and I am hoping that future primals are just as fun and engaging. 


Insert adult comment here!

Insert adult comment here!

This fight like Sophia and the new before it does allow people to recover after quite a few deaths but this fight mostly involves knowing when to use a duty related item so that you do not die a brutal death and not be murdered by something you can easily dodge.

The music of the fight itself is pretty nice and not annoying when farming … which is kinda surprising but its possible this is more to do with Stormblood being new.

But overall I found this normal mode enjoyable but then we got … Emanation Extreme.

Emanation Extreme

Thanks to everyone here for the clear.

Thanks to everyone here for the clear.

Now this fight is quite interesting although I imagine most people will be able to clear this fight in a single sitting. This fight is pretty much the same as normal mode with only one real difference – when to use the duty item. Now for those that is still doing the fight and don’t wish to know what to do should already know to avoid these posts but during this fight Lakshmi will randomly enter a new stance that for ANY attack that hits YOU that you must use the duty item in order to not die or not to get affected by a massive attack.

Although this fight is easy and quite easy once you get the basic idea about her attacks – its a fun fight and surprisingly one I have no problems finding. For anyone wondering I cleared this using Raid Finder and not Party Finder so all pure randoms and it was a blast.


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