So the first Primal fight in Stormblood is Susano which occured quite quickly in the story of Stormblood. Now I am not going into the reason why he is summoned or why we are killing him but I am going to discuss the fight and what I thought about it.

Pool of Tribute

At least I got a Lily ...

At least I got a Lily …

So the normal mode for this fight is very straight forward and is pretty much your standard dodge and stack and there is nothing much to worry about. The fight itself is alright but honestly quite boring and pretty easy to just burn it down and not know much on what you are actually doing.

The only fancy bit in the whole fight is a Active Time Event which one of the tanks is quite likely to do. Visually the fight is good but not much more to it I’m afraid.

Pool of Tribute (Extreme)

Only one this makes sense with.

Only one this makes sense with.

Now this is where it gets interesting. The extreme version of the dance is a very fluid dance where you got to be aware on what is happening to other party members in order to know what to do. Such an example is to know when to dodge when one of your party members is affected by thunder and is unable to move (the arena is filled with water and split in half – guess what happens).

The main focus of the extreme fight is the arena is in two parts so you got to be aware on when to switch sides and when to dodge accordingly without affecting the other people in your party. Pretty fun fight that relies on everyone knowing what they are doing!

For those wondering I did this in one go using Raid Finder and not Party Finder with no knowledge of the extreme version of the fight. I also farmed for the White Mage cane with Raid Finder too!

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