With the latest patch having dropped upon the realm of Eorzea we also have the last part of the story of Diablos and I have to say that I was in no way disappointed in the actual raid itself and thought the fights was perfect but the only problem I had with it is the learning curve from Void Ark, to Weeping City to Dun Scaith was so sharp a lot of people simply was not ready for it.

None the less, time to chat about the raid and unlike last time I am going to explain what to do in case you are still learning the fight or getting those groups that are yelling at you for having no idea what to do. 

Death Gaze

You will notice a pattern!

You will notice a pattern!

So the first one we fight against is Death Gaze and its a pretty simple fight. The first thing I will say is for healers make sure to remove Doom when it is applied. It will affect two random people in each party (although I have seen more than two in my party but I think that’s more of a lot of people died thing). 

The next is Aero. Randomly Death Gaze will decide you are not dodging enough and will give you little tornados. I would advise to drop these off away from Death Gaze but not near the edges you will be dodging at. Now with the same move, he will use another Aero spell that will push you away from the middle. All you have to do is simply go to the edge where the barriers are and get knocked back into them.

Now the next thing to worry about is the massive death AoE. When it is cast you will be dragged into the middle of it. All you have to do is run away as far as you can and when you are sucked back in you should be either outside of the AoE or very close to being outside of it. If you are standing inside when it goes off … well, you just made the healer job a little harder!

After this attack, an AoE square will be placed on the floor. If you stand in this during Death IV you will die. There is no way to avoid this other than standing outside of the platform. However, you will notice that each time this happens the square never disappears and another will appear. This is the enrage and yes you can fail it and no it is not that forgiving.

But it is a fun fight and quite easy when you know what to do.


Its tempting but don't DPS .. OH COME ON!

Its tempting but don’t DPS .. OH COME ON!

This fight was not one of my favorites but its also one of the most easy fights within this raid as long as you look out for a few things.

The first is atomos comes back for round three. Randomly the joker wanna be will tether with a coloured atomos and an orb will appear. This orb tells you what is going to happen to the coloured atomos that it is linked too.

For this short guide, I will be using gold and silver. If the orb is gold you must stack with the coloured atomos it is linked too. If it is silver, you must get away from the atomos it is connected too (the atomos also follows a silver and gold pattern). So if it is a gold orb and silver atomos then you stack on the silver atomos. Simple!

You also have your standard adds during ultimate attack phase but just nuke them down while being careful to turn around when needed. Its also worth saying that an AoE will appear from him that covers half of the whole place – just dodge accordingly and also dodge the little AoE circles that appear – standard level 15 stuff.

The last thing to explain is the attack where you get a debuff. You will get a debuff for either Fire or Water. This debuff makes that element deal a lot more damage to you. So if you got a Fire debuff, you will take a lot more damage to fire. Now on the floor, there will be a lot of puddles – what you have to do is flip them so it is opposite the one you are weak too. So if you got the fire debuff (red), just flip them over to water (blue).

I would advise to just let the healers do this – we got you covered!


This was more common than you think.

This was more common than you think.

Next in the list, we get to what I am going to call the pug killer. We are finally fighting the “so-called” Queen that Diabolos was getting a hard one for and the fight is a bitch to those that do not know.

The first major thing you will see is she is able to grow wings during the fight. These wings is showing you she is about to do a massive AoE. To dodge this you must get behind her (or in front) of the model – NOT the hot box direction.

Its also worth saying she will do an AoE where she is and when she jumps she will also do an AoE while tempting people to follow after she jumps. There is an add phase but honestly, you have killed Chimera enough times to know when to stun what to silence and should have enough DPS to just burn them down.

The next thing to worry about is what I found to kill most people due to the AoE hitting after and that is the hands under the ground. In the fight the floor will change colour and some text will come up – make sure to stop moving (attacking is fine) otherwise you will get a debuff that applies damage over time (easy to deal with) but also a non-removal heavy that will very likely stop you getting out of the AoE to come in time and die.

During that you will get a lot of AoE damage coming in which a single Medica II or whatever will deal with. You also get Shadow Hands which will teather and one shot the person which you simply need to look at them and the will freeze.

And that’s pretty much it. Stay behind her, get out of AoEs when needed, stand in towers, and don’t move when needed and you are fine.




Good, you got this far – we are now against the big guy himself again and very close to ending his goal once and for all and thankfully this fight is far more simple and more forgiving than the fights before it.

Most of the attacks he will use you have seen before from Amdapor with Ultimate Nightmare being a case where you stack on him to avoid the AoE damage and thus avoid a debuff. There is also a turn away attack that will send you to the land of nod and also another debuff.

The lovely doors make a return but fear not healers – you do not need to do it this time. Instead, these doors will spawn voidsents should you not kill them in time. So all you need to do is destroy the doors and turn away, stack up etc when needed.

At one point at the end, a massive door will appear where you simply got to go full out on it while he either charges up a massive attack or gets powered up – not too sure wasn’t paying attention at this point. Nonetheless, destroy the big door and focus on the small doors when they appear or you will have a bunch of voidsents that you would be better off not dealing with.

With the door wiped out … poor little Diabolos has nothing left in his bag of tricks other than a certain voidsent that been laying on the floor from when you beaten her.

Diabolos Hallowed

I told you this was common.

I told you this was common.

We are now on the home run. Diabolos has powered up and is now at his full power or something on those lines and us poor warrior of light has nothing more than our amazing power … well seems fair.

Nonetheless, Diabolos will repeat a lot of the skills you have already seen before from both himself and Scathach. Make sure to stack when needed and turn around when needed and we also get to witness something new – there is a new maker that is the same as stack up and turn away where you must stack up with the player affected but turn away from them so you are not affected by it. 

During this fight, you will see towers appear as before. Healers and DPSes make sure the towers around the place is dealt with and the tanks deal with the one in the middle – should anyone who isn’t a tank stand in it that they will die in one shot (maybe not a dragoon with foresight – someone check for me). 

After the middle one has come down you will find a door will appear with a nasty voidsent in it. All you got to do is pass through it to the other side (make sure a tank and a healer enters and a bunch of pew pews) and kill it. Afterwards, all you got to worry about is earthshakers which you have seen before which you just need to go far away as possible to take less damage.

I believe there was also a few doors but I don’t remember seeing them in this phase. So just be careful and learn what the fight feels like and you will be done in no time.

And it’s worth it – I loved this raid.

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