With the latest patch, we get the ending of the Eden storyline which ends the Final Fantasy VIII themed raid tier. From here one there are spoilers so if you do not want to read anything about it, time to click back on that browser and this time I will speak about the story within each boss fight.

Eden’s Promise: Umbra

Though balance had supposedly been restored to the six elements, it seems that they are still strongly aligned in favor of Light. To rectify this, you and your companions seek to call forth an embodiment of Darkness and by its defeat, restore life to the Empty.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Futures Rewritten

The first fight of this raid tier is the Cloud of Darkness and you might be surprised not much comes back from her fight in the World of Darkness.

The fight itself is pretty simple and you only need to mostly watch out what the boss is doing and where glowing colours are going so you know which way to dodge and such and for the rest of the fight, it is mostly reused from old raids and dungeons.

I can not comment much about the music as most of this tier is just Final Fantasy VIII but it doesn’t fit here regardless that it is a Final Fantasy VIII based raid.

Eden’s Promise: Litany

The Ascian Mitron appears before you and not only reveals the true nature of Eden, but also claims to share a past with Gaia. The shadowy visitor lures you into Eden’s core where Gaia is spirited away. To have any hope of rescuing her, you must comply with the Ascian’s demand to reenact the fateful battle between the Warriors of Light and the Shadowkeeper.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Futures Rewritten

The second fight within this tier goes into the battle that Albert and the other Warriors of Light had against the Shadowkeeper and in doing so to awaken Gaia’s memories and this fight is interesting simply due to it needs you to think a bit.

Just like most fights you have your standard tank buster, AoE damage and such but this fight carries on the whole dodge left or right, front or back but tosses in a “shadow” which means you need to watch the battlefield to see where you have to dodge and not just rely on watching the boss.

Overall this fight is simple as long as you are paying attention but quite likely going to have a few wipes for a while.

Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis

Having been forcibly fused with Mitron, Gaia is on the verge of being lost to you and Ryne forever. To make matters even worse, the Ascian draws on Ryne’s memories to summon forth a foe born from her greatest hopes and fears. Though you have no way of knowing what powers it may possess, it must be vanquished if you are to stand any chance of freeing Gaia.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Futures Rewritten

The first thing that comes to mind with this fight is unresolved daddy issues from Ryne and nothing solves that like beating up the father fingers in your life. Out of all the normal modes of Eden, I found this one the most interesting due to having to work out the pattern and having to keep in memory what has been used before (am noticing a pattern that I prefer any fights where you need to be able to remember things or adapt on the fly).

The music however for this fight is weird to me. While I do like the track I find it hard to hear if it is a remix or not of something else and I haven’t yet been able to find it on YouTube to have an actual listen.

Still fight is a fun one although it is not one I will remember in a year or so to come.

Eden’s Promise: Eternity

The entity formed by the fusion of Mitron and Gaia seeks to create a utopia where time has no meaning. Should this plan succeed, not only will the vast quantities of aether absorbed by Eden drain the land of life, but Gaia as you know her will be lost forever. Ryne makes a desperate bid to send you in pursuit, though there is no way of knowing what manner of danger you will face.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Futures Rewritten

Outside of the laughing that my raid group broke into once, we saw this boss, Eden’s Promise is the final boss of the tier and while it is not exactly Ultimecia that was expected it is an exciting fight and I imagine savage will have the old primal fights included.

One of the things I did enjoy, and something I will hate, later on, is the interactive cutscene / adds phase and I felt it added quite a bit to the story of the pair.

Speaking of the story, however, this is where I start to sound negative. I hate the story of Eden mostly because it takes TWO RAID TIERS to even get a hint of what is going on and when you do find out it is completely different to how it started which felt rushed.

The music of the fight was amazing hands down and I have no complaints.

Did I enjoy the whole Eden tiers? Honestly, no. Some of the fights were fun but the story ruined it for me and felt like the second tier was just there because they needed three tiers for the expansion. There is no fight outside of e8s I will remember as being special.


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