Deep in the heart of Labyrinthos lies its secret among secrets─the device through which the Sharlayans have peered into the aetherial sea to learn Hydaelyn’s secrets. With their bargain with the Forum fulfilled, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are poised to journey to the Aitiascope and beyond to beg Her aid, but no depths are without their darkness…

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The Aitiascope is an unknown area where the Sharlayans have been able to observe and in the past speak to Hydaelyn and in this dungeon, we are aiming to do the same so we can find out where our target is and how we can not delay but ultimately end the events of the Final Days.


I love the look of this dungeon and it is in the top five favourite dungeons of mine. The mobs themselves are spirits you have encountered in the past with some spirits that help you are ones you may remember from times before and I honestly laughed when I saw Minfilla do nothing even as a spirit. The dungeon-like the others easily allow door to door pulls and it does force you to do them in packs due to the design.

Speaking of the spirits floating around, it is time to discuss the bosses that await us.

Livia the Undeterred

The first boss of the Aitiascope is Livia and she is still quite pissed off with us although if she could see Gaius now I would imagine she would have a different opinion. While the boss does have the standards raid AoEs and tank buster I am quite disappointed or saddened that the bosses don’t use any of her old attacks.

The main focus of the fight is watching the arms and seeing what will happen while dodging what is going on. It is a simple fight which once again you need to pay attention to or you will have a very bad time.

Rhitahtyn the Unshakable

The second boss is Rhitahtyn and he still has an old store to settle although this time it isn’t about dying together but bringing us with him. While this boss has yet again raid wise AoEs and tank busters you will find this one share more with his living counterpart and the arena will get cut off with attacks.

One thing I did enjoy this fight is something we do not see often where we have to react to the environment and dodge behind safe zones that are created because of the boss such as the ice here being wiped out.

This is a simple fight but a fun one.

Amon the Undying

The final boss of the Aitiascope is a bittersweet one. We are fighting against Amon who is still in death wishes to find out the answers he wanted to know and seems to disagree with his actions even though he was the one to set them into motion as a test for mankind.

The boss has its normal tank busters and raids AoEs but there are quite a few different attacks you have seen before such as the thunder on the floor dividing the arena and going off at two different times. The boss will do other elemental attacks where you need to dodge and react to what is happening.

Overall I enjoyed this fight and while it is a simple one, it is one for the memories!


Nothing short of amazing for this dungeon. You have to witness it yourself.


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