The Mothercrystal

Goddess of Light. Will of the star. Hydaelyn. From the far reaches of the aetherial sea has She ever called to you…and at last you meet face-to-face. Though the Scions would traverse the great expanse in search of Meteion to forestall the Final Days, you must first rise to meet Her challenge and prove yourselves equal to the task.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

If there is a fight that you knew was coming and hoped would at least be a villain so that you are okay with doing it that it is this trial. In this trial, we must face Hydaelyn not because she is evil but for us to show that mankind can carry the torch of its future. Surprisingly this trial allows you to use the trust system and for my first run, I decided to do this as I felt it suited what the scions have done thus far.

The actual fight and what she does in it is simple and nothing new that you have not seen so far but it is how it felt is that makes it amazing. As you can expect she uses the different crystals against you and focuses mostly using light-based attacks I am sure you can guess by now the music is amazing and I think that is the best version of Answers I have ever heard and sounded far better used than even in The Binding Coil of Bahamut.

It is hard to explain the emotion that happens in this fight should you ready enjoy the store and lore of Final Fantasy XIV and while she was hiding something as I expected my theory that she was the actual bad guy was unfounded in the end.

One thing I do find surprising although not once you reach this point but when I started Endwalker I assumed she would be the final boss I will oddly miss knowing Hydaelyn is there and wonder now just who is The Twelve and what is they did.

I loved this fight and while I may not enjoy the extreme fight as this fight in itself wasn’t hard or had much going on, it was the penultimate end to everything that has happened and that will always have a special place in my memories of this game.

I heard, I felt, I thought and farewell.

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hydaelyn’s Call

From the first note of the minstrel’s melody, you recall the scene with crystal clarity─your allies and Hydaelyn, hope against hope. Overcome once again with the emotion of that day, no epithet seems too grand, no verse too epic…

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

As of this edit, I have now defeated this extreme trial and I enjoyed it. It took around two hours without reading any guides and was done with many people within my static and a former free company member and I had a blast. This fight carries on the fight designs I like with visual clues and with each part coming together to make the fight more complex much like how the Warrior of Light did it.

The fight has four phases and I will not go into how to clear it as there are many guides out there but each phase was done fairly and nothing in the fight excluding one bit seems to be placed there simply as a “fuck you” to the player. I did find breaking the line of sight to be annoying as the hitbox seemed to be very tiny.

The weapons I do not like however and beyond getting the White Mage one for the collection I doubt I will be using them beyond stats.

With that said I loved this fight and as an entry into the extreme primal for Endwalker it is looking quite positive.

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