Smileton was to be a paradise for the people of Etheirys, a refuge where every need is met, its inhabitants content and happy for all their days. But what is happiness? In pursuit of an answer, the Loporrits created the Big Cheese, designed to make manifest all they might need and more to fulfill the needs of their passengers-to-be. They were eager to please─perhaps, too eager─and their plans became more fickle, each new idea a betrayal of the last. The Big Cheese now burrows toward the center of the moon, a labyrinth of contradiction left in its wake. If left unchecked, its wanton pursuit of happiness may very well spell the end of the moon.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

The second dungeon that we are exploring post endgame is Smileton and not surprisingly we are going to the moon. This dungeon was designed by the Loporrits to be an area that tailors to the needs of everyone that goes there and naturally everything goes wrong.


The dungeon isn’t that pretty but it looks like the area is still being made and the layout of the place is meant to look confusing. There is not much story to the dungeon as we are simply going in to defeat the AI that is causing the issues that threaten the moon itself.

The mobs we are fighting are rogue robots and there isn’t much to these but the bosses themselves are kinda interesting.


The first boss is Face and while it has the classic tank busters and raid-wide damage the main focus is the shifting colours and switch been the debuffs so that you do not get hit twice. This fight follows the design idea of providing debuffs rather than outright death.

I enjoyed this fight and it is another visually keeping an eye out on tethers and statuses.


The second boss is an interesting one due to the difference in how you have to watch both the boss and the printed robots it creates so that you know what is going to happen.

It has the classic tank buster and raid-wide damage but the boss will print new mobs where they are facing a certain way and will then leap forward and do quite a bit of slash damage.

Beyond that, there is not much more to the fight but it isn’t an enjoyable fight and it is a disappointing one.


The final boss is a fun one and it shows how a boss can become tricky by simply adding simple stuff together. Excluding the standard tank buster and raid-wide damage, it places bombs on both sides of the arena which moves. You have to pay attention to how far the bombs will be moving and then look to see if the safe zones are going to be attacked.

I love this boss and wish to see much more of this.

Overall I found this dungeon was pretty meh but the bosses were okay.


Can’t fault the music, all good there.


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