The Final Day

Meteion and her sisters took to the stars in search of hope; they found naught but despair. Wishing to free mankind from his vain struggle, they began to sing, their chorus borne upon the invisible winds of dynamis to usher in the Final Days.

Against all odds, you have arrived at their nest at the edge of the universe. In this place, where emotions dictate reality, the hopes of your comrades have opened the way forward, and it falls to you to take the last step. Transforming conviction into strength, you sally forth upon dragonback to confront the Endsinger and silence her song of oblivion.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

What you are looking at above is the very reason Zodiak was summoned and the very same reason why Hydaelyn has been waiting for all these years for mankind to prove that they can be the light within the darkness and push themselves forward and defeat the reasoning of the Final Day.

To do this it is Patricia, the Warrior of Light, seven random spirits with one happening to be Ryu and Zenos fused with the Primal Shinryu using the last of the power of the Mothercrystal just so he can get his fight with the person I am quite sure he sees has his only friend.

The fight itself is interesting and while based on a certain boss from Final Fantasy IX you have to pay massive attention to what the boss is doing but also where things will be as there is an element of time-based attacks. When it comes to completing this fight you will find there isn’t that much in the way of complex things happening but you will find a lot of things happening at once which can make it confusing.

The overall layout and environment of the Final Day take place on the far edge of the universe while we are flying on the back of Shinryu which serves as the platform for the fight. The music for this fight is not on the same level as Hydaelyn which may be due to the whole game has been leading up to meeting her while Meteion just shows up during Endwalker after having quite a few good moral ethics behind her development.

Overall I liked this fight and I loved Endwalker even more than Shadowbringers but there was something about Meteion just appearing out of nowhere with no build-up or hints that made me wish that Hydaelyn was the final boss with Meteion being before her. I felt I would have loved this fight so much more if we defeated Meteion and then we defeated Hydaelyn with Venet wishing to finally be able to rest and wanted that last fight with her champion – the Warrior of Light.

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria

Had the Endsinger succeeded in gathering but a few more stars’ worth of despair─or even that of a few more souls─might the darkness you faced have been so deep, not even the light of hope kindled by your comrades could pierce it? So muses the wandering minstrel, and by his consummately evocative words, you find your mind set adrift amidst that unsettling possibility, where you can rely upon naught save your own conviction to overcome the ultimate incarnation of despair…

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – Newfound Adventure

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria is the extreme trial that came out with 6.1 and it is one that was insanely hyped up with stuff that “matches” savage but it was disappointing. The fight itself is pretty simple with only one thing that will catch people which is the time-reversal but honestly if you just pop a marker on someone you are able to follow people and not have to learn what to do – I should know half of my static followed me!

There is not much more I can say about this extreme beyond it was pretty boring and half of the fight seems to be missing and just felt “unfinished”.

When it comes to most fights I will always prefer the extreme fights but this time I will stick with the normal one.

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