This dungeon tells the story of the city of Amaurot and the end of the world or could it tell a story of a hidden truth that is not being told? Either way, this is the next dungeon that came out with the release of Shadowbringer.

This dungeon is told in the format of an “interactive story” with what happened being explained as we run along. The music to the dungeon fits the depressing mood of the dungeon and the environment itself looks pretty sweet but it is not a dungeon I believe should be added to expert roulette.

The First Beast

This boss is implied to be the first monster created after the “sound from under” that ultimately ended up with needing to summon Zodiak. The First Beast was created using the power of creation although I do find it weird that this never happened before the sound but that is something we will learn in the future.

This boss is pretty unique mostly due to the buildings falling down over time but I do wish it didn’t show any AOE markers for it so you have to keep an eye out for it.

Overall however the boss is pretty simple. Stand out of the bad, and go behind the comets when he casts its big attack.

Terminus Bellwether

I can not recall what Emet-Selch said about the second doom but like The First Beast, this was created using the power of creation and is your gauntlet style arena battle.

The boss starts off by just doing a few minor attacks with the idea being to cause as much damage as you can here. The next phase is a ton of adds which you have to kill.

In the end, Terminus Bellwether will reappear and start to grow bigger. After a tiny bit of time it starts to get a buff and should you fail to kill it in time, it will enrage and kill the party. It is possible to die on a few buffs so be careful.


Who or what this boss is not really known what this is but what I can tell you is it is possible to rescue someone to their doom if they happen to be on a different platform to a horrible healer.

This fight is simple enough. Dodge the laser-like attacks that the heads will do, get away from the proximity damage and otherwise just your standard boss.


I normally do trials by themselves but due to the story connection, I am including it in this one.

The trial itself is an amazing end to the first story in Shadowbringer and I will discuss the fight in detail next patch when the extreme version comes out but the fight flows together, the music fits perfectly and the overall emotion of the fight is at its finest.

Is it better than the trial in A Realm Reborn? Yes. Heavenward? Yes. Stormbood? Yes.


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