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For those that remember all of the stuff I talk about on Life in Eorzea will remember that I quite enjoyed Palace of the Dead but I felt it was lacking quite a bit and that there was quite a bit lacking … well the next part has come out and its time to have a little chat about it.

So in this part of Palace of the Dead we have discovered a new villain whom name and motives I will not chat about for those still doing it who is behind everything and it’s our standard go in and kill the people involved so not a lot we can talk about there – just your standard plot. 

One of the biggest issues I had with the Palace of the Dead was the original felt too “block like” and although it was random it did not feel like it but in the second part I feel a lot of it feels a lot more natural. While I am on the subject about the layout – the visual background was far better than the first part and feels like something I would not mind seeing again and I also feel the music did also fit in well – more so the final floors.

While we can talk about the backgrounds, music, and its lore there is one thing that matters the most and that is the battling. This is where it starts to lack but I felt most of the mobs wasn’t actually that much special and besides from getting caught from the odd trap – nothing felt like it would kill you easily.

The same also applied to the bosses. Most of the bosses were just rehashes from the hunt bosses people have killed so many times and while we were doing very little damage to it and taking quite a bit of damage (we never even saw a Kinna weapon at any point of doing Palace of the Dead) nothing really felt that worrying.

Either way, I quite enjoyed it and am now farming to get the Kinna weapon so that I am ready to start hitting floor 101+ which is where I feel the real fun with the fights will start.


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