For anyone that knows me for any length of time will know one of the few things I often wear in Eorzea is the three current White Mage only gear – the Healer, Cleric and Orison gearset.

You will also know that I often wear a vanity set I run around the housing area with but there is something I need to get off my chest that has been bugging me for ages and that is the designer’s lack of consistency when it comes to breast size with gear. 

You may be looking at me confused saying you have never noticed this or may it may actually matter but it does to me and while I can understand some gear (such as armours) may be padded or increase the cup size due to the design – there is so many gear in the game that just lacks any form of consistency and it’s really annoying.

What I have worked out, or at least guessing logically, there is three sizes of breast in the game when you create your character and for the purpose of my examples I am going to call these – Small, Normal, Large regardless the fact that my character has the smallest option possible and that many more characters will have far larger than the name I’m calling large. It’s worth saying it happens on every breast size I have tried and that even ones at 100% will be a larger cup size with the gear I listed as large.

So to give a visual example I have uploaded quite a few screenshots below and as I can not “logically” use a rule to show you, I have tried my best to have a line in the background so you can see how the breast change compared to the background.  Haven’t had time to take screenshots of every single one – so give it a try yourself. I will update later!

Small (Smaller than small clothes)

  • Hard Leather Harness
  • Thavnairian Bolero
  • Red Summer Halter (all versions)

Normal (Equal to small clothes)

  • Hempen Camise
  • Thavnairian Bustier
  • Orison Robe
  • Healer Robe

Large (Greater than small clothes)

  • Gryphonskin Breastguard
  • Extreme Survival Shirt
  • Southern Seas Swimsuit
  • Lady’s Togi
  • Sea Breeze Summer Halter
  • Shire Preceptor’s Coat
  • Gown of Eternal Devotion

All I want in this game is consistency as to me it’s annoying to keep seeing the cup sizes change in which seems to be a random fashion and that it ruins so many gearsets for me (mostly swimwear) simply because it does not respect the percentage I picked. I am aware that this is unlikely to be fixed nor taken into account as many players will have no problem with this and may even believe its a waste of time but to some people consistency does matter – imagine if you picked 100% breast size and it changed it to 0% in a lot of gear sets you like.

You would expect swimwear and other underwear-like designs would be either small or based on the normal settings and things like coats and armors would be on the large scale but sadly there is a massive lack of consistency.

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