I imagine like many other healers that actively stays up to date with the future of Final Fantasy XIV will agree with me that healing looks like it will get very stale come Shadowbringer and I feel there is a massive misunderstanding why when it comes to the design choices.

Dealing damage has always been a part of a Final Fantasy healer it is more to do with the fact due to the DPS rotation of the new healers simply being a single DoT and a filler that we do not have much to actually do when we are not healing and lets face it it is very unlikely they will force more active healing to happen. It is due to this reason of not having to deal that much why healers do want to toss out damage and why we don’t want a simple two-button DPS rotation (imagine if they did this with tanks).

So what is the solution beyond giving us a better DPS rotation? Let us actually do what dancer actually is – provide DPS support. As DPS is currently king when it comes to Final Fantasy XIV allowing healers to provide direct DPS buffs that could be used during downtime would be a fun idea.

Imagine giving White Mages spells such as Faith, Bravery and such that has to be refreshed on people every 30 seconds or so, Scholar’s fairy providing stat buffs for those that are standing around her (or even going to the nature of Arcanist and providing debuffs on the boss that works the same to increase the party DPS) and Astrologians providing direct strong buffs but relying purely on RNG to get those good cards.

Ultimately unless something happens it is possible we will find less people playing healers. As a community and the developers we must either accept that healers will do DPS and thus we should get an actual rotation; provide healers something else to do during downtime such as buffing the party or increase the amount of healing by a lot more so we actively have something to do.

I would prefer the second one.

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