The Land of Eureka

Just like last time I am going to talk about Eureka overall under a few different headers but overall I have enjoyed this Eureka and the series overall other than the problems I have listed before.

Making the most of Hydatos

The Land of Eureka

With this part of Eureka, we have now wrapped up the ending of the story and honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about it outside of the spilt choice you get to make which based on the path my brother took does affect the ending.

Design-wise Hydatos is the smallest one compared to the other three but it no longer has the death hallways, random dragon traps and it allows for people to travel more easily around Hydatos but it does remove the fear of dying.

Overall it does look quite pretty and the different weathers are petty cool. The notorious monsters spawn pretty fast compared to the other Eureka areas (before buffs) and the fights themselves are pretty interesting. I can not comment much about the drop rates for the logograms as I got them pretty fast and already had a stock of the old ones so I was able to get new actions pretty fast.

Rose Couverte

I’ve Got It: Rose Couverte Eureka

The Rose Couverte is the final step in the Eureka questline and I quite like the look of it before it gets the glow but overall upgrading the relic is very easy. To get the upgraded weapon, you need to farm some crystals and an NM item (although if you want the very final version you need to do the public dungeon) but sadly this also shows what the future of Eureka will be — just spamming FATEs to get some items for the relic.

I do miss the days where you had to do something hard to actually get the relic such as Titan HM or heck the public dungeon would have been a wonderful place to do it.

Still Stormblood relic is now over and I hope the relic in Shadowbringer will be far more interesting.

Elemental Gear

The completed relic & its gear set.

The Elemental Gearset makes a return but sadly it carries over every single problem it had before. The +1 gear is upgraded from the Elemental Gearset but once again it does not upgrade from the AF gear but it does upgrade from the old Elemental Gear so there is that.

Secondly, the Elemental gearset does not have custom stats and I was hoping it would be ilv400 but sadly it is not. I know many people reading this will be thinking that would just put the raid gear to shame and honestly it would do but it would be a nice reward for those that clear the public dungeon.

Other Rewards

There are other rewards in Eureka such as a mount but I have not had much luck right now to get it but I have got a few vanity items but the market for these items is long over.

My Overall Opinion

I have enjoyed the last step of Eureka quite a lot and I think it’s the second-best of the whole bunch. I would love to see Eureka return in Shadowbringer but leave light farming where it should belong – back in A Realm Reborn.

I will give my opinion on the public dungeon part of Eureka when I do it but I do not see complete it any time soon. Whenever I try to enter it there is always a “Discord Raid Group” that is claiming it as their own and for others to go to another instance and whenever I ask to join said Discord server it is always shut.

So give it a couple of weeks and this will be as dead as Diadam’s emergency mission but this time Yoshida decided to put the ENDING OF EUREKA behind it so good luck to anyone in future who wants to see it because I know I won’t be able to while this “Discord” community threatens everyone with bans, blacklist and such.


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