Its been about three weeks now with 2.4 dropping and with 2.41 on its way (with the very likely Ninja “nerfs”, Coil nerfs) I figured I would have a discussion about the gear set I am heading towards for this patch.

For those that may know me within game that way back in 2.0 I did not go down the Darklight route (I did collect it though) and instead opted for a perma-melded Vanya setup simply because I hated the look of the Darklight gear set. However that is a moot point nowadays with the vanity system in place but I am thinking it might be worth looking into melded gear again simply because I love piety so much and hate Crit Hit, I would prefer to lose a few mind and vit to have extra MP (and as people have seen with Coil cleared, extra mind won’t matter that much).

So without further detail – my “ideal” gear setup for 2.4!

  • Weapon: Thyrus Nexus (lets face it, an upgrade is coming soon and hopefully its called Nirvana and comes with a shield >.<).
  • Head: Dreadwyrm Hood Of Healing (but until then, High Allagan Circlet of Healing).
  • Body: Augmented Ironworks Robe Of Healing (and until then … the non augmented version which I have!).
  • Gloves: Dreadwyrm Gloves Of Healing (and until then, the High Allagan Gloves of Healing).
  • Waist: Dreadwyrm Belt Of Healing (and until then, I will likely go with High Allagan Belt of Healing).
  • Legs: Arachne Culottes of Healing (planning to meld it up – really hate Crit Hit!).
  • Boots: Dreadwyrm Shoes Of Healing (and High Allagan Thighboots of Healing until then).
  • Neck: Augmented Ironworks Choker Of Healing (Daystar until then!).
  • Ears: Augmented Ironworks Earrings Of Healing (Daystar until then, not many better options).
  • Wrist: Dreadwyrm Bracelet Of Healing (until then, I am actually going to aim for True Ice Blacelet of Healing).
  • Ring: Augmented Ironworks Ring Of Healing (Piety and Det, can’t say much more!)
  • Ring: High Allagan Ring Of Healing (What can I say, I love piety!)

And there we have it. My currently wish list for gear that likely will change anyway!

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