It is very easy to just vision what is to come such as what item you are going to get this week with your tomes, what item you may get from the raid this week and with this it may feel like you are not progressing in the game but if you think about it – you have quite a bit!

I been looking at how long I been at the Second Coil of Bahamut for and its easy to think just because I do not have the latest loot that I ain’t progressing, but lets look back.

I have beaten a hell of a lot: Ifrit, Titan, Gurada, Good King Moogle, Leviathan, Ramuh and their endless hard modes. I have fully geared myself in Battle Mage, Relic, Darklight, Mythology, Masterworks and soon to be Iron Works. I have geared myself fully with raid gear from CT, ST, Coil and soon to be from the Second Coil of Bahamut.

I have gotten the weapons from most Primals, I have the relic weapon and all of its upgrades.

So yes, it may feel like you are not progressing as you look to other players but honestly you are. And besides as long as you are having fun – that’s the key part!

Just never forget the journey that got you where you are – remember you was at one point just a new person standing at the adventurer ’s guild.

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