For anyone that has read between the lines with Life in Eorzea’s articles, I do enjoy the relic quest and I do like an actual grind but there is something about this relic quest that I disliked and I will go more into it later.

This relic quest upgraded the cane to the Law’s Order Cane (honestly feels a lazy name but kinda understand) but it does come with a new gearset like the Elemental Gearset that I am currently working at the time of writing this article.

Change of Arms

The relic weapon starts off this quest around with a new design and a bunch of materia meldable slots but it starts the grind in an old classic way – farming the A Realm Reborn alliance raids which provide the needed item at 100% drop rate or the FATEs within the instance with such a low drop rate it ain’t worth it.

As you can imagine this step pretty much just involved spamming Sycus Tower until you collected them but as far as relic goes this is typical … until the next step.

The Resistance Remembers

At this point, I now had the Law’s Order Cane in my hands and ready to face the next part of the relic quest and this time you could do it the same way – via instances or FATEs but this time however it felt insanely long for what feels like no progression at all.

You see unlike the Zodiac Relics were getting the atmas upgraded the Thyrus to the Thyrus Atma and each book granted it an extra stat and once completed become the Thyrus Novus – nothing progression wise happens at all with this. This is also the same case with the Anima weapon and the Eureka weapon and I think this is the reason I came to hate this relic quest as it doesn’t feel like any progression was made.

You may be wondering what you have to do to gain nothing new for your weapon and it is the following – FATEs in Stormblood areas or the Void and Return to Ivalice Raid Series and eighteen of each item is not something you would want to do in a hurry.

Nonetheless after spamming both of the raid series and doing some FATEs with my brother this part of the relic quest was completed and thankfully after having completed the whole relic you never have to repeat this part so future relics can be done very fast.

A New Patch of Resistance

Ah, finally we move onto the last step of this batch of relic quest which actually feels like progression as we get a new glow and the custom stats.

For this step, there are two options in getting the items and that is to do Delubrum Reginae which provides a 100% drop rate or The Palace of the Dead which originally we thought provided a 100% drop rate between floor 1-50 but it ended up being a low drop rate other than for my brother which seemed to take all the luck.

I would recommend grabbing three other people and just spam floor 1-100 as it is insanely fast and while the raid is fun it is very slow.

With all that said I now have the new cane and likely will get the rest of the healer relics but I did enjoy 2/3 of this quest although that may be more because the last part was having fun chatting to fellow raid members.

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