Ah, if there is one thing I do like (although not always enjoy) is the relic quest and we are now onto the next part of the Save the Queen story. This article is not going into the relic grind which sadly isn’t as positive as this one.

This time around we are going into a new raid like dungeon called Delumbrum Reginae which is a gauntlet of fights. While I am not going to explain the fights below, I am this time around going to write about how I experienced doing them for the first time.

Trinity Seeker

This is the first of many bosses for Delumbrum Reginae but overall the logic behind the fight is pretty easy with only a few things you actually “need” to watch out for.

One thing I will comment on with the boss and it is quite possible that most of my instance never had any DPS buffing actions as this buff had a ton of HP to the point this one was the longest to kill – even over learning the other fights.

This fight has one of the things I enjoy in fights and that is watching the boss and noticing what they are doing such as if they are switching weapons and then having to adapt to what is going n and this fight certainly delivers that.


Okay as much as I love this raid … this fight was the most boring out of the lot and felt much more akin to the standard alliance raids which is sadly not saying much.

The fight is one where general awareness is all you need and watch out for where the safe zones are and you will kill this fight quicker than you may expect.

Honestly and I do hate to say this but this is a very boring fight ad one I will not remember in future nor given the choice I would not want to do the fight again.

The Queen’s Minions

Not sure if I would call them a boss but they need to be defeated and you get coins from them regardless. The fight is a four-way battle with having to fight each one after another with each having one main mech but done in different ways.

As you know with these articles I only write a bit about my opinion on it and not how to do them but this fight was a bit interesting not due to how it is done now but how I can picture it working in savage.

Ultimately everything in this mech you have seen before but the bombs is a bit interesting if you don’t think logically fast enough. Still, its a forgettable fight but the good news is from here it only goes up.

Bozjan Phantom

While it doesn’t seem to be a boss in itself it does have an interesting way how it trolls the alliance and tricks people into doing not what the markers show where really nothing changes at all.

The main thing about this fight is just the AOE markers and knockbacks and doing them together and just like the dungeon that came out with this patch you just need to get knocked back into the right place and then dodge accordingly.

This was a very simple fight but it is one I will remember for quite some time.

Trinity Avowed

Out of all the bosses in this raid, this one is the best. It has one of the best things I enjoy and that is visually having to watch what is going on and then deal with what is happening accordingly and to me, it is stuff like this which is the best way to make a fight.

The simple part of this fight is simply watching how many stacks you have and getting hit by the right damage accordingly in order to null the one-shot that will happen next time.

Really is an amazing fight and one I would love to see come back in different ways even if it is just Shiva reskinned.

The Queen

The final boss is the Queen herself (who saw that one coming?) and it is not a bad one but sadly very long fight in terms of how much HP it has. It has all your standard stuff but really the only special thing is the chessboard where you have to move accordingly – everything else you saw in this fight alone.

Overall I have to ask myself one question regarding Delumrum Reginae and that is was it fun? The answer is honest yes it was amazing and while it is sad content like this will die out over time, I was very happy and enjoyed every second of it even when things weren’t going so well.

I am looking forward to doing it weekly in order to get the gearset and I hope they make stuff like this raid in the future.

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