Long have the sweeping plains of Paglth’an been home to the nomadic Amalj’aa. Though the herding of livestock keeps them constantly on the move, the permanent settlement of Zolm’ak forms the seat of power and center of their society. It is there the Telophoroi would wreak destruction, dispatching a vast host comprised of both imperial soldiers and tempered dragons, with Lunar Bahamut at its head. Yet even against these heretofore unimagined foes the Amalj’aa stand strong, with Estinien, the recently freed Tiamat, and the Eorzean Alliance at their side and eager to turn the tide.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Death unto Dawn

With Shadowbringers now coming to a close and everything starting to wrap up, it is time to talk about the final dungeon. The final dungeon goes deep into beast tribe land like it did with Xelphatol and it is once again disappointing that we have another area of Eorzea turned into an instance.

Overall the design of the dungeon was quite boring to me and there was not much to see but I suppose it slightly makes sense for the beast tribe but it would have been nice to see more of their homes and much beyond what we saw. The music for this dungeon as well is quite a lack buster and honestly, I don’t remember it much writing this up at a later date.

The glamour for this dungeon is a mixed bag. While I like beast tribe gear it doesn’t look very good to me but half of the community seems to love it so I will assume it is just myself there.


The first boss of this dungeon is starting to show the reason I hate dungeons – it is simply yet another boss that is reused from a raid tier. This fight is mostly a clone of Turn 10 with a tower mechanic thrown in where you have to bait the thunder over to it so it doesn’t give you debuffs.

Honestly this fight isn’t one I will remember come next expansion and it is a shame.

Magitek Fortress

The Magitek Fortress is a boss I actually enjoyed and a type of fight I would love to see much more. While you have your standard tank buster, party-wide damage and more you have to watch out for where you are standing and rather than a single boss you have to kill the adds, dodge everything going on around you and then kill the core which will allow you to progress.

This was a fun fight and while I will not remember it much in a year to come due to the overall dungeon it is a type of boss I would love to see much more off.

Lunar Bahamut

Ah, the Lunar Primals …. disappointingly added to a dungeon. I wasn’t expecting it to be done like in other Final Fantasy games where the lunar / dark summons were far stronger than their normal one and that there was no way Lunar Bahamut would be harder than Bahamut but when I say that Lunar Bahamut as a boss was far more easy than Bahamut as an undersized party at level 80 it is disappointing.

There isn’t honestly much I can say about this fight beyond there is a good chance you have already seen everything with just one mech being “new” although pretty simple to figure out.


Overall I dislike this dungeon and I feel it is a sad ending to Shadowbringers. I would have loved to fight more of the Lunar Primals here and I feel Tiamat was very under used although it is a dungeon and can’t really expect too much there. With this being the last dungeon of the expansion … I am worried that Endwalker will still keep the same face-palming dungeon layout and gameplay that it has had so far.


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