At last, the end of the relic quest line is here and with it the final grind of Shadowbringers and that I am still disappointing that the final relic weapon doesn’t look like the Artifact armour, nor is there upgradable Artifact armour throughout the expansion and even worst is there is yet NO dyable Artifact weapon.

Still I have enjoyed the grind for the relic weapon although I think this will be the final set I will actively work towards and come Endwalker I will no longer go out of my way to do the relic weapon.

The grind itself was pretty simple and involved having to farm a lot of the three series of raids and then a bunch of level 70 dungeons but I found this enjoyable myself. The story of the relic ends with how you would expect with the poor guy still in a ton of debt and I have a shiny new weapon.

I do plan to get the rest of the healer relics and my Red Mage weapon and after that, the grind is over for Shadowbringers!

As much of a fan I was for Eureka, I do felt this relic hit that sweet spot and hope they keep up with the format although it would be nice to see an old Zodiac grind once again.

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