With the expansion now over we come to the end of the Save the Queen storyline for now and with it, I believe it is time to discuss the overall content including Zadnor and what I thought about it. I liked Zador although I do feel it lacked compared to Eureka and that no matter how it is worded it was still just a bunch of FATEs with the odd boss.

Dalriada is the end goal of Zadnor and it was insanely good. This felt far more of an Alliance Raid and it is clear from this content that it is meant to carry on the Return to Ivalice raid and sadly that it will carry on in the future. I am not a fan of Tactics and it worries me slightly that it is likely future relics will use this format and story but at least it is built into Final Fantasy XIV’s story, unlike the mess that was Nier. The extra actions were cool but nothing much to them.

However, those bosses were fun and much like the Southern Front, they are just dungeon or trial bosses with some extra mechanics and overall I did not feel they were too bad. I wiped a few times due to other people placing stuff down badly but honestly if you are half good at Final Fantasy XIV you will survive most things without having to worry in the slightest.

What I liked about Save the Queen

Overall I enjoyed quite a bit from Save the Queen and that was mostly the content itself. The bosses themselves you met around the place in the critical engagement feels more like what dungeon bosses should be. I am not a fan of the lost actions but some were fun and it is a shame many of them will not make it into the base content itself.

The areas look lovely and I enjoyed the three raids although admittingly Castrum rarely popped and when it did you had toxic people. There is not much more I can say about what I liked about it other than you could progress the relic at the same time.

What I disliked about Save the Queen

Like most things in life, you will always dislike something and there is quite a bit I hated about Save the Queen although it is mostly opinion-based. The first is I disliked the story and lost interest in it about halfway in and like I said earlier it felt more like a Tactic raid and game with the Final Fantasy XIV bunch just being there.

The next thing I really disliked is the glamour. I know many people here will be ejaculating over the Judges and Blade gearsets but I didn’t like them. I would have LOVED it if they added the Tactic job-based gear which you could have upgraded during the whole content and bring in actual upgradable AF gearsets. I know they would have had a model for each job but it would have been amazing.

We COULD have had this

I also felt that the rewards were lacking from this place and not so surprisingly I have no mounts even after farming it for so long. I understand why they do a loot box option but I wish there was a way to always be able to get the rewards in the end even if the grind would be insane. At this rate based on the content design, I would be better off just waiting for a Moogle event and get the rest of the stuff I am missing such as the mount.

It sucks there when you ain’t interested in the glamour there is little to draw you back in and that is a problem with this content. At least with Eureka, I enjoyed farming mobs compared to just waiting for FATEs even when I know that can’t work in a modern MMO nowadays.

My opinion on the relic grind

I enjoyed the relic grind and don’t mind spamming dungeons and raids to unlock stuff as I don’t mind a mindless grind but I am disappointed that once again we have no upgradable AF gearsets – even the weapon itself was not touched. The relic itself is a recreation of some mythical weapon that I felt would have been better to hand over to the resistance in the end (with an option to get a glamour copy) and then provide us with an upgraded AF weapon that could be dyed. I know there was an extreme trial to get the dyed AF sets for Shadowbringer but it felt disappointing that the ironic sets are just left to weather.

The weapons designs I did not like and I will not comment further there but at least the final White Mage one looks kinda cool simply because of the butterflies.

I honestly felt the story behind the relics would have ended better with us handing it over to the resistance as that is what the story was building up to as we were making it for them – not us.

Overall opinion

Overall I had fun but I imagine this is the direction the relics will go in future and based on the ending of Save the Queen we may have new weapons from there and I will be disappointed and sadden if the story focuses further as it feels like the Tactic storyline is now the second main story quest.

Would I recommend it? Tons of fun fights so go for it as the content is what matters in the end.

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