With the end of Shadowbringers now passed, it brings the final extreme trial for the weapon series and that is the Diamond Weapon. Just like the other fights, I am going to spilt it between normal mode and extreme mode but before that, I am going to comment a bit about the story, environment and such.

The story behind this one is a bit meh although I was not that invested in it, the fight’s environment was really fun. I quite enjoyed the teleporting between the two platforms and the risk of being knocked off should you not be aware of what is going on around you.

Cloud Deck

Intelligence from Werlyt indicates that a previously unknown Weapon is laying waste to the VIIth Imperial Legion’s headquarters. Though it seems improbable that the warmachina could turn against its creators, a letter left by Allie reveals her intention to commandeer the Weapon and rescue her brother Alfonse from the imperials. Together with Gaius and Cid, you formulate a strategy not to destroy, but to capture the rampaging machine before any harm can come to its pilot.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Death unto Dawn

The fight itself is pretty simple and this is the first weapon fight (outside of extreme) I did it the first time as a tank with my brother and I found it quite boring but differently. The actual battle mechanics were fun and I enjoyed teleporting around but there was no payback to it beyond having to dodge just a single attack but it sure felt good to do.

It felt weird, and this mostly comes from Final Fantasy VII and playing that game a lot, that the Diamond Weapon itself isn’t the massive thing you see but rather an Ifrit like thing with the above as its armour. Thankfully there is no ad phase this time around and overall I’m happy this wasn’t a circle battlefield.

I won’t remember much about this fight however beyond the above but I did have fun for what it was.

Cloud Deck (Extreme)

The climactic midair confrontation with the Diamond Weapon is one you will not soon forget. Nevertheless, Garlond Ironworks has provided a means by which you can relive those memories, albeit in a highly exaggerated fashion. Though nothing more than a simulation, it will demand every onze of mettle you can muster to overcome this enhanced version of an already formidable foe.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Death unto Dawn

This extreme carries on the feeling that all trials are just dumbed down extreme trials turned into normal mode but I do like how it carries on with each attack being built into the next one with the final phase being the mixture of them all. I am also very thankful there is no ad phase, no transition phase where damage isn’t done to the main boss and not a ten-hour cutscene that shouldn’t be there in an extreme trial.

I will remember this extreme trial over the other weapon fights as I felt this one felt different enough but no idea about the music, all I heard was big fat tacos in there somewhere and not much else.

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