The Lord of Verminion – a mini game from the Gold Saucer that is actually worth playing although it does have quite a few problems that I will go into.

So this game is a RTS game (my favourite outside of RPGs) where you have a resource limit on how many units you can deploy at one time. Which units you are able to access all depends on what minions you have unlocked and for every minion you unlock, they fit into a single group.

These groups work like your classic three-way gameplay and works like this: Puppets which is beaten by monsters, which is then beaten by critters which is then beaten by puppets. You then have gadget minions which are not beaten or can beat the others.

Now while the mini game is quite enjoyable it comes with a big flaw … its only actually quite good to play when playing with a keyboard and a mouse as using a controller on it completely sucks and is quite shit.

But still its interesting and it is fun – it’s just a shame you can’t play it anywhere as going to the Gold Saucer each time is kinda meh.

If you want to learn more on how to actually play it, click here: FFXIV Verminion.

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