Well I think this is the first time I can say a blog post has been 50 levels too late … as I originally intended to write about Rogue at level 15 and what I thought about it but I seemed to have got it to level 50 and unlocked Ninja in a flash of the eye.

So first I will comment on the Rogue story and it was not “that bad” but honestly it wasn’t that great and the final part of the story was pretty easy to guess but it wasn’t terrible and a bit light-hearted.

However the Ninja story … was very bad and exactly like your typical anime. Former friend goes bad, you discover it’s really the master, some other hidden power was found and some crap like that – honestly you could likely find the exact same story watching any ninja related anime.

Now the actual gameplay of Ninja – I do quite enjoy it and it does seem to play as a “more simple Monk”. The idea behind the job is to keep your dots up, your debuff up on the mob and to use mudra to keep up your DPS skills and your speed buff.

And that is it really about playing Ninja. I won’t go into what to do as there are millions of guides out there but honestly the job is not too bad and if you are looking to play a melee than I would say this one is the most simple one to play.

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