Update: Tamer of Steeds

With the new relic quest coming out next week (and a bunch of other stuff) that is likely to give me the Nirvana +1, I decided to fill in the time I am going to farm for every single Primal mount!

Ya, the likeliness of me actually bothering is next to nothing but I decided to start with I am going to start farming Garuda Extreme.

Something I have noticed lately farming Garuda is that a lot of tanks … really hate main tanking that fight. I know back in the day wicked wheel used to be able to rip into any tank but it is so simple to dodge and assuming the main tank leaves the spiny on the healers to start with … no one has to do any tank switching with the spiny as the off-tank just provokes it at 3 stacks.

Although the queue times with these, I do hope a Duty Extreme Trial roulette comes out soon … or I am never going to get these farmed or get that Kingly Whisker!

Update – 5 March, 2015

Although I have yet to get the mount … I have instead got Nightmare Mount today!

Update 21 April, 2015

Yay! I finally have the mount after running it about 8-10 times today. For those wondering, we saw two Garuda’s and one Nightmare so I’m guessing the drop rates ain’t actually that bad!


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