New patch, new gear sets and this time it did not take long to actually start getting it …. so behold “most” of the Divine Harvest set!

This gear set comes in many parts which includes the following (in my screenshot, I have glasses on rather than the head gear)

  • Circlet Of The Divine Harvest
  • Robe Of The Divine Harvest
  • Halfgloves Of The Divine Harvest
  • Belt Of The Divine Harvest
  • Tonban Of The Divine Harvest
  • Crakows Of The Divine Harvest

Unlike the other gearsets, there is also accessories but as you can’t see them with the gear set on (other than the rings), I decided not to link them.

But the gear set is so good looking and sorts my Scholar lovely when I ain’t using the Pilgrim robe!

… they really need to make vanity gear sets soon so I can make many different designs with one set of gear.

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