Behold the Wave Wand

When it comes to RPGs, I have always have collected unique designed weapons even if they have little use to me at that time (or in future) and one thing I been collecting is every Primal healer weapon and today I can add the Wave Wand to my collection!

Not so surprisingly there is a lack of one handed end game weapons for White Mages and as I found out today – its kinda sucky that we have to get the shield as its own drop.

Anyhows though that is one weapon down and the next is the Wave Codex for my Scholar.

A shame though it will go to my retainer right away … my Animus beats it in every way.

Update (White Mage)

I got the White Mage shield which I got via greeding after the White Mage in the party already had it.

Patricia holding the Wave Wand & Shield.

Patricia holding the Wave Wand & Shield.

Update (Scholar)

Well it gets even better. In the same farm party I was able to get the Wave Codex – an upgrade I really “needed” for my Scholar!

Patricia holding the Wave Codex.

Patricia holding the Wave Codex.


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