The echo is a very heated subject in Final Fantasy XIV but the echo does allow you to do things that otherwise would not be possible and this is a quick tale of the Carbuncle that wanted the Heavy Allagan Armor.

So there was a couple of people who wanted to farm The Binding Coil of Bahamut: Turn 1 and I promised I would help them. With this in mind they finally contacted me but I discovered at this point they have all the healers they need … but lacked a DPS.

Now I hate DPSing but hey a bit of random fun so I decided to switch over to Summoner by equipping my Omnitome (I’m sure some of you are now laughing) and then we entered!

Well of course for those that has not worked it out, I actually went in as an Arcanist and not a Summoner but rather than leaving we decided – Hey, lets give it a shot as what is the worst that could happen, right?

Well although my DPS was not that great we got by all the trash and got to the final boss of Turn 1 – Caduceus. At this point I kinda felt like a 3rd wheel and seeing people were messing around anyway having some fun, I asked if I could try to tank Caduceus with Carbuncle.

Not so surprisingly people was laughing but after the main tank said he may as well afk for a few mins then, we decided to give it a shot. So I equipped all of my Vitality right hand side that I had, then re-summoned Carbuncle and got him into position, popped Rouse on and told Carbuncle to Sic and hope for the best.

And hope for the best is indeed what we got – he actually held agro (although thanks also went to the party for giving time and not going “too nuts”), the healers keeping him alive and with my spamming Stoneskin while at the same time stayed alive.

So Caduceus then spilt and the off-tank grabbed the other one and then Carbuncle moved it to the other side (in my former static and current one, we get the main tank to move his Caduceus so the off-tank can have some time to get agro on the spot) we then told the DPSes to attack the new Caduceus first.

With the quite high DPS, Stoneskin and healing Carbuncle kept nodding and spinning around until the very end.

I’m quite tempted to try it again, with higher ilv gear it would be even more easy to do this now.

Any readers wanna give it a try?

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