And another Turn bites the dust – as of today Turn 3 of The Second Coil of Bahamut has been downed.

For those interested in how we cleared it, we pretty much did it by mostly pushing the AOE towers where needed and we did it by using two tanks rather than one (we didn’t have any problems with DPS). I do have to say that Turn 8 is actually pretty simply as long as you know what towers you are pushing and how many to send into it.

Either way Turn 8 is now cleared and it is time to farm it for the High Allagan Circlet Of Healing although as I do expect Turn 9 to be cleared “soon” and with Turn 10 not meant to “be that hard”, I may actually slip this stage and wait until I get the Dreadwyrm Hood Of Healing.

Anyhows – to Turn 9!


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