With 2020 now upon us, there are a few things I am hoping happens in Final Fantasy XIV regardless of the fact I am well aware very little is going to change and that I am half hoping another Final Fantasy MMO is coming out soon but nonetheless here we go!

I would like to also point out that I will be cleaning up the galleries soon removing screenshots and moving ones that ain’t Ryu or myself into an “Other Section” so each section and when New Game+ comes out for A Realm Reborn I will be re-doing that gallery. The idea is so A Realm Reborn is screenshots of the story and so on for the others with non-story screenshots being uploaded to the “Other Section”.

The raid screenshots will be uploaded as sub-sections to the galleries which should make everything far more cleaner on Life in Eorzea but it also sadly does mean there will be fewer screenshots overall.

Savage Dungeons

With Final Fantasy XIV now only having one dungeon solely for the story, I am hoping that new randomised dungeons are added which the fights becoming harder the further you go, you get rewards as you go such as relic and AF upgrades and that it becomes a second end-game.

For the story dungeons, I do hope they are at least somewhat hard.

Expert Roulette

With a single dungeon coming out I am hoping they change expert roulette to do two things. The first that max level dungeons for the expansion are now included in expert roulette and secondly that unless there is a new player to the dungeon that the ilv scales up to the highest ilv that is out.

This will make expert roulette harder to do which at the bare minimum it won’t be a snooze fest.

If this doesn’t happen I am simply going to cap via hunts and leave the roulettes alone.

Relic and AF Gear

Yet another one that is unlikely but I really wish the Relic and AF gear was upgradable, actually comparable to the raid set and has an endgame involved. I do not mind if there is grinding involved but it simply has to be fun.

Healer Robe & other hoods

Another that will not happen but I hope the Healer Robe simply has another model at this point which has the hood up so we can switch between the two glamours rather than them working on a new system to have a working hood

It saddens me that a modder has been able to do this and yet the Final Fantasy XIV development team hasn’t.

Glamour Plates usable anywhere

I actually don’t mind the glamour plates system and the box you have to put it in but I do wish they allow us to use the glamour plates anywhere. I would love to be able to switch between my Diamond and Healer set when exploring or in a dungeon.

For storage glamours, however, we need that box in a house. I understand they can not due to the amount of data sent but there is a solution. Allow us to buy a room with it for personal / free companies housing which we can access as we do for airships.


Going on from the above I would love to see a room you can buy for personal / free companies where you are able to strike against a dummy that also has access to the DPS testing dummies.

Extra Rooms

The last thing on this list is I would love if you could buy extra rooms for a personal house. It would be able to set up different rooms for mannequins and the many different raid sets or to allow making different themes for housing.

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