It is that time again of the year where people come together and sing songs, exchange gifts and eat a ton but sadly there is a little boy who just wanted his father by his side for this single holiday.

I quite liked the story behind this one with a young child wishing his father could be home for Starlight but his father has to be on urgent guard duty … or does he?

The rewards are your typical ones – we have a lovely barding, and a music sheet which has its feels. Still wish the bad version of the track was released when you fail but at least we have the main song.

For those interested in the barding it looks like this.

Saintly Barding

While I do like the event mini-game I still do wish these things could be released in Gold Saucer but I do fear that from here on this will be the only thing that is added to the event – just like how All Saint’s Wake is now just the manor.

Overall I do like this event and as there won’t be any more article this side of the year, I look forward to seeing you all in the next decade.

Starlight de Chocobo!


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