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I am not going to lie – I have always felt Alexander’s story line has been quite bad compared to the epic tale we had during The Binding Coil of Bahamut but Alexander: The Creator has changed my opinion on this.

Unlike the other two I am actually impressed with the overall battles involved. The first fight was interesting enough to try out different things to see what works and trying out different parties members to do different things and surprisingly had quite a bit of fun wiping while working it out.

Although the second fight went down very fast and seems to be doable while skipping quite a bit that makes that fight hard – it was still quite fun to work out what was going on and I do not know why but it just wasn’t as boring as the other Alexanders.

This screenshot was worth it

This screenshot was worth it

The third fight went very well and although both me and Moxrie wiped the whole raid while we was taking screenshots (… who else expected a pop up saying to press a button) but still nonetheless the bit of randomness involved made this fight interesting and fun to work out.

I do have to say that the final fight of the whole thing was the most enjoyable fight I have ever had from the end of A Realm Reborn and it is a fight that rivals the epicness of fighting against Bahamut himself.



While I will not spoil it too much the sheer size of the battle itself and mirroring so much of Final Coil of Bahamut: Turn 4 just moved me in a way that made me actually want to clear that fight and not just doing it to get a bit of weapon or loot.

But the main thing I enjoyed about the whole of Alexander? The whole thing was recoverable. If someone died you could actually recover the fight and get on with it and everyone was responsible for their own stuff in the raid and one person failing did not cause a whole wipe (Sophia was the same in this regards).

... ya lets just jump out of the way.

… ya lets just jump out of the way.

In my opinion, if this is what we can look forward too with raiding in future where its less focus on a dance and everyone having to pull their own weight with the fights being recoverable then just maybe things can change in future and that Final Fantasy XIV goes back to being enjoyable!


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