Mid-core content is something that is lacking within the world of Eorzea and it’s quite sad really as a lot of players do fall into this mid-core group of players. When you have a look at the current content within the game you have two different levels of difficulty:

  • Story Modes
  • Extreme Modes

You are likely thinking that we do already have mid-core content such as Primal Extremes but a lot of people still can not do these content mostly due to the one wipe attacks which makes me wonder why we can’t have the current story modes like Alexander Story and Primal Story. Afterwards we have a eased up version of the Extreme Raids and Trials where a lot of the one hit stuff is removed and things like tank switching provides stacking debuffs while the Extreme versions of the fight could one shot after x amount of stacks.

So basically what I am saying in a nutshell is the story mode just provides something easy, the “hard” mode will be a watered down version of the Extreme modes and then the Extreme being a harden version of the hard mode where while it’s still mostly the same fight it is far less forgiving.

Ultimately as long as they add the loot to the hard modes and then allow the extreme version of the trial or raid to provide an upgrade item for the hard-mode it would give a whole wider range of people things to aim for and a sense of gear progression that is lost by just doing expert roulette.

One of the other benefits is it will save quite a bit of development time then having to re-develop the same raid with different things going on – all they got to do in this case is a few edits to the one hit stuff and test for balancing.

I can dream but the new endless dungeon they are bringing in may bring back a sense of mid-core progression – roll on that patch!

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