It is time once again to carry on the relic quest and to carry on upgrading the Majestas and thankfully this time around it looks like it will be a simple grind. So the story this time is the two people involved wants to make the weapon bond even stronger with me due to the fact I have the echo.

In order to do this I got to collect five items Aether Oil which can be done by doing the weekly quest that involves the whole of Crystal Tower or by simply buying them with Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics. Working it out it will take about nine days by doing the roulettes each day and doing the weekly quest twice.

So updates to come as I progress – keep an eye on this page!


With the quest now over half away done (well you could debate that by the time I log in tomorrow it would be 4/5 done but thought I would give my opinion on it so far.

Spamming Dungeons, Spamm Hunts and Mats!

Spamming Dungeons, Hunts and Maps!

Well honestly this one isn’t too bad. As I said earlier before there is a weekly quest that involves the whole of Crystal Tower that means within five weeks you will be able to complete the whole relic quest but I found farming for the Esoteric is pretty easy and simply by doing the roulettes it would be done within a week or a few extra days.

So far however I been spamming hunts as well and I got to say on Moogle it looks like they are pretty toxic with people pulling and moaning at other people and also been spamming maps which gives between 10 to 30 tomes a try.


Well the relic quest is now over but I can not help but feel a sense of … well I don’t see any sense of accomplishment with this current quest line that the original Zodiac quest line had although I do have to say the living weapon idea is kinda cool and that we are developing a weapon that’s truly “ours” and even bonded to our souls and at the end is a weapon with our own soul in it.

I am still hoping skill we be needed at some point with the relic quest but for now the Nirvana still holds a special place to myself and this new relic is simply a means to an end.

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