With this patch we get to bear witness to the final of the trio of the Warring Triad and after having fought Sophia and with how amazing that fight was … Zurvan was nothing compared to Sophia and honestly quite disappointing.

Anyhow, the story of this Primal was that Zurvan was woken up by the follows of Sophia in order to help destroy the Allagan Empire (the whole the enemy of my enemy is my friend thing) and thus Zurvan woke up once again to do his evil business! 

Containment Bay Z1T9

Just like the fight before it, Zurvan was designed in mind to be very recoverable but does bring back some of the group reasonability that could possibly cause a wipe should the team screw up.

At the raw of it the fight is pretty simple. It is your standard stand out of the clearly marked AoEs and heal the unavoidable damage that happens periodically during the fight.

Everything that happens in this fight has been seen already. We have already seen platforms being removed, being knocked back, stack damage and matching platforms that it is kinda sad to see what was such a powerful Primal turned into a striking dummy.

With that said the music was alright but I imagine the fight was designed like this simply to finish the story off which I will be fair did end okay. I am hoping the extreme version of this fight offers so much!

Containment Bay Z1T9 (Extreme)

I am not going to lie but the extreme version of this trial was insanely easy, boring and I am surprised if there are people out there who has not yet cleared this fight who has tried to clear it.

This fight is not that much different to the original other then the major thing being the tethers that when you know where to stack, where to move for the grand cross and lastly how to edge out slightly away from the party so you can get ready to stand on the glowing platform with your tethered partner.

Still, the fight itself did not seem hard – even more so when the group is able to skip the first soar. I thank everyone who helped me cleared it – was still an issue in Party Finder to get people who knew how to do tethers.

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