Although it is hardly anything “hard”, I have downed Shiva today and unlike with other patches I have downed Shiva early so I can start working on Shiva Ex after I have beaten Ramuh Ex.

My thoughts on the fight. Well firstly it a story fight … so its going to be easy but it is still an interesting fight. Although I am not going to explain how to beat it (because lets face it, if you wanted to know how to do that you would not be on this page) but its pretty much a basic tank and spank with healing in between while dodging tons of aoes.

However story wise there is quite a lot of interesting lore in there and I have to say it is very much worth doing simply for that!

Beyond that I will not be sharing screenshots of the fight because I simply did not take any as I was focused on healing. Am looking forward to finally doing a Ex mode when it is released again before everyone starts asking for perfection or simply ain’t doing it.

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