It has now been a day after 2.4 and I have finally started to do the new content which so far has been Ultros (coming in a later post!) and Sastasha HM.

Sastasha will always be that place I will remember – it was the first time I ran a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV as a low level Conjurer with my brother but where I also met Noha Wholgan who is a friend to this day and raid with us.

The first thing I have to say I actually enjoyed it a hell of a lot although it was a bitch to heal. It is sad though that it drops the old crafting items and the myth right hand side but it also saddens me more that there is no vanity gear from these places in this patch!

Anyhows that aside for vanity I likely wouldn’t have used, this place was really fun and there is a bit of Primal lore in that quest for those interested.

And for those interested, I have taken loads of screenshots (spoiler alert!) which I plan to do for future dungeons as well.

Gallery has been lost after major techincal issues, but if I find the images again I will get them back online.

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