T’is the time where bells rings, choirs sing or in this case, they fail to get people in time to be able to do it and have to wing it on the fly with the poor old Warrior of Light pretending she knows what the heck she is doing! 

As you can expect that (as of writing this) the Starlight Festival of 2018 has dropped and it is a fun event that I do hope one day makes its way to the Gold Saucer (based on a message from Yoshida about the Halloween event it is unlikely to do so).

So the story is pretty simple as there is a carol that needs doing and it currently lacks a few singers that although there are a few bards to help out.

After you get the replacements (although being unable to select a Chocobo is teasing) you got to get the gear sorted and done but after all that is done there is one role left – and that’s the one forced upon you!

I am not going to ruin the core event for those yet to do it (I will have a video online of both outcomes after the event is done) but it is pretty enjoyable. 

Screenshots below of the event for those that may enjoy them.

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