I am pretty sure it is clear by now that I am not such a fan of Tactics (although the White Mage gear from Tactic Advance is lovely and I would murder someone to get this exact gearset) but the final part of Stormblood 24 man raid tier is now out. Sadly I am not going to comment much on the story as the fans of Tactics will be able to comment much more on it but in a nutshell, our version is where the good guy failed.

So instead of commenting about the story, I’m going to speak of the raid itself and overall I enjoyed the battles within the raid itself but once against disappointed how they seem to just be re-using the 8 man raids for mechanics which takes a couple of seconds to figure out. The music itself was okay but honestly, nothing much to speak about – something that I am sure fans of Tactics will disagree about with me. 


A Judge aiming a weapon at Patricia


Mustadio is the first boss of this tier and is a pretty easy fight.

The boss itself only has a few tricks such as a big AoE, some mines, a tank buster and then a weird spilt platform thing where it attacks in a line based on what’s around the place.

The only real new thing in this fight is an attack where you have to position a certain side to face the boss otherwise you will die. Overall the fight is pretty fun but somewhat easy and oddly enough he says well done and goes.


Just be careful with that shield.

Just be careful with that shield.

Up next is Agrias which uses a lot of moves from Tactics but thankfully is simple boss to understand. The main thing regarding this boss is during the fight two things will appear that will give extra actions that are a sword or a shield.

The shield is used to protect yourself from a massive attack from the boss itself, to protect yourself from the three knights attack (unless you run out of it all) and against the tether that happens at one point while the sword breaks open the those in a gaol or against some ghost adds.

Honestly with the above attacks, the AoE marker you will see again in the next fight and the big where a party is dragged into some weird place, it is a pretty easy fight.

The Thunder God

Wipe time folks!

Wipe time folks!

This fight is where this tier finally gets fun as it involved quite a bit of awareness in order to survive what is coming.

The main thing about this fight is how he uses its sword which can be found based on the positions of the swords before the attack. Then you have a big AoE circle that cannot overlap (if you are thinking of Ozma by now you pretty much got the same fight) and then a couple of adds which you got to kill.

Overall this fight is pretty interesting and fun. You are quite likely to wipe on this one quite a bit but still fun nonetheless.


Ultima, The High Seraph

Ultima, The High Seraph

If there is a single boss in any 24 man raid where I have stopped and wow at, it would be Ultima. This is hands down the best fight so far in any 24 man content and one I would welcome to see over and over again in Alliance Roulette however the ending of the fight I am pretty sure is more special for those that enjoy Tactics.

The fight itself is against Ultima which starts off quite slow with her “summoning” demi versions of the other “espers” you have fought in the other raids excluding one. Afterwards, you get to witness one of the best scenes I have seen in Final Fantasy XIV so far and again if you are a fan of Tactics you are likely going to enjoy it a heck of a lot which then follows up into a maze.

Then its just a matter of burning her down and done. This fight is one of the most enjoyable fights I have ever fought in Final Fantasy XIV and I hope that more like this will follow.

Screenshots & Opinion

Overall I enjoyed all the battles that were in this raid but the story wasn’t all that to me for reasons I have said many times before. 

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