Update: With other servers being locked out, I am having some fun knowing what I am doing is somewhat mattering to the rebuilding. Gatherers still need rewards.


It has now been a day or two from the time where Ishgard opened its doors and allowed anyone who has a work permit to help rebuild Ishgard so the elites and the commoners can all look proudly at a part of Ishard that is purely only for adventures and even then only to that single guy who makes a million free companies to make their own ward.

The idea behind restoring Ishgard is quite basic and there is two parts to it. The first part is crafters makes a batch of supplies via crafting special items. The gatherers do nothing at all beyond gathering materials … and selling it on the market board. For gatherers, this is no different than simply making a gearset for raiders and going – “Yay, my craft cleared content for someone else”.

Once enough suppliers have been gathered the server’s community comes together and then gets involved in a giant FATE which afterward a small part rebuilds and the process carries on.

In theory, this is quite a fun idea but there are two problems. The first problem is there is nothing for gatherers to do that actually feels like progression. Why on Eorzea didn’t have gatherers get the materials, put it into a stockpile and then let crafters use those materials to put into the stockpile is beyond me?

The second issue is the community itself. Why the heck it was decided that it would be a good idea to let other servers come along and get involved is beyond me. All that is happening right now is the area is being locked out to the server natives with wanderers just AFKing until the FATE pops and then goes to the next server and wants to know what is even sadder? THERE IS ALREADY DISCORD SERVERS ARRANGING TO DO SERVER IN A CERTAIN ORDER LIKE HUNTS.

I understand the idea is to help low population servers but is it really that bad that they couldn’t just unlock the servers later? It is this problem that brings me to the massive problem I have with Final Fantasy XIV and that is it feels like every new content has a good idea behind it but a very bad execution.

Who remembers when Eureka came out and you could not even kill a single notorious monster because there were too many people? Remember when you could not kill a hunt because it disappeared but could kill you anyway? Remember when Diadam came out and everyone just went to kill dinosaurs and stopped doing everything else?

For some reason, everything that is released comes out with a massive glaring flaw which sometimes gets fixed in later versions of the content. It is possible in future this will become a very good crafting / gathering end-game but for now, it is nothing more than an unlocked delivery mission which you can’t access sometimes.

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