I’m not sure if it is because of Feo Ul and how well designed she was but I always had a soft spot for the pixies so when the beast tribe came I, it was one I unlocked pretty fast and I have to say it is my favourite one so far.

The story starts with a pink pixie known as Tyr Beq who notices that the children across the realm are having nightmares due to the gates to Lyhe Mheg being closed and comes up with a theory that a pixie must be behind it.

To this effect, Tyr Beq travels to find the source and find the Warrior of Darkness and naturally, this is where Patricia comes in. While I will not go over everything but the pixie that is causing the issues is An Lad who is suffering from an unknown nightmare.

The story ends with An Lad coming to terms with his nightmares with heavy hints that Titania’s aether is involved in their birth and could be somewhat of reincarnation of her but nonetheless the story was very interesting and I really enjoyed how it developed the pixies further and how at the end of the day they are just poor kids trying to make things better for everyone … in their own twisted way.

This beast tribe is one that I do often still do during Shadowbringers and visit from time to time and while I do not like the mount and that it is a tad bit annoying Feo Ul didn’t really do much during it – I liked it and even when the materia from this beast tribe is no longer needed I will still pop by from time to time.

The rewards for doing the pixies is the poxie mount, some housing stuff, a music sheet and importantly the needed materia for the rest of Shadowbringers.

I really enjoyed this beast tribe and hope to see more of them from future – even if we can get these as NPCs for housing I would be really happy.

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