For any that read Life in Eorzea often, you will remember I said that the Chocobo Leveling Grind was the worst in the game. Well, I was wrong (well getting my Chocobo to Rank 20 maybe even worst) as there is something far more worst – getting the Swan gear for my White Mage.

So to get my hands on this gear, I have been running Frontlines on and off and am currently up to rank 29 (need rank 40 to equip the weapon) and have to say Frontlines is “not” that bad during the amount I have done.

So the idea of Frontlines is simple; your grand company (such as Twin adder which I am in) goes off to take over certain points on the map which gives you points every second or so for as long as you hold onto it (just like the king of the hill matches in many other games). You then also get points for killing other players on the other teams and then you get points for killing nodes that appear in the middle and that’s just it.

Although PvP does bore me, I do have to say that if you are interested in actually trying Frontlines … you might just want to jump in there. No one knows who you are (the other team can not see your name) and more importantly you can not get messages from the other teams so in terms of abuse there isn’t any unless it is from your team which is something I have yet to see.

The worst part of Frontlines though is simply the queues but this is something that can not be fixed overnight and is simply based on how many players are currently playing it but I do have to say a lot of that gear looks pretty cool and if you are levelling up your desyth skill – its worth it.

And if you ever tried it before then really just jump in and give it a try. Just follow your team and nuke anyone that comes your way (or heal, or stun lock everything) and enjoy – it’s worth trying once.

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