Owing to the ingenuity of Hannish alchemists, you have succeeded in expanding the voidgate in the treasure vault, and prepare to set forth on your mission to find Vrtra’s brood-sister Azdaja in the Thirteenth. Beyond the emptiness of the rift awaits a shadowed castle swarming with voidsent, and you steel yourselves for a hostile reception.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker – Buried Memory

As expected from the last patch we are now entering the thirteen looking for Vrtra and naturally, the citizens within the void are not so happy to see us. Well, that is a lie they are very happy to see us or at least our aether.

Environment & Mobs

For a dungeon based in a reflection that has no light, it is a pretty place and has a good design compared to other dungeons. Everything you encounter is things you have seen before but oddly enough they do look right and not just randomly there.

With that said let’s discuss the bosses quickly and what they are like.

Evil Dreamer

I think this might be the first dungeon where I think the first boss is the best of the bunch! This boss focuses mostly on the adds doing different things and attacking from outside the arena over to jump in and cause more havoc.

This fight involves paying attention and making sure your AoEing is okay but they will merge together in the end for one final boom. I liked this fight, I want to see more like this.


The second fight is much closer to the standard bosses but I did like the floor part of the fight. This one has all your standard tank buster and such but you got to keep aware of the floor and what is going on otherwise you are going to get a couple of debuffs and unless you are a tank you won’t live it.

This isn’t a boss I am going to remember that much an expansion or two later.


This fight … sucked. I am assuming it is down to expect much more from the fight due to it being one of the Archfiends but it being a dungeon boss doesn’t let it do much. I found the instance fight afterwards being more fun.

This fight has all the good old standard stuff with the odd moving out of range at times. I will remember this fight for all the wrong reasons.


I am going to be murdered here but the music did not work for the dungeon. The background music is an iconic track from Final Fantasy IV but it wasn’t something you would want to listen to in a dungeon. If the music was a battle-style remix or maybe heavy metal (as much as I hate metal music) but at least the boss music fit perfectly as if it was purposely designed for that exactly boss.

Overall Opinion

I am of a mixed opinion about this dungeon. The first is I liked the dungeon but it makes me worried about the next expansion. So far all I am getting is the rest of this expansion is going to be clearing out the core enemies that live within the thirteen for the next expansion for us to fix it. If that reminds you of something it should – Shadowbringers.

It would not surprise me if the next expansion was called Lightbringers and we are just fixing the void as I can’t see it being cleared up in side quests.


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